Be connected. Live smart. Enjoy life.

About Dreo

A Story Of Delivering Sustainable Innovations

Our mission is to make sustainable living more accessible.

Dreo was founded to deliver sustainable innovations that truly benefit people’s home lives. Today our products are scattered across the globe with competitive prices and superior performance, making smart home life easier for thousands of people.

We gathered creative and talented people around to bring their new big ideas to our product design and development, with stringent quality assurance tests to ensure that the products we create can stand the test of time.

Customer interests are the core of every decision we make. Our team constantly seeks to add value to our customers by addressing existing and potential needs in unexpected ways. We reward innovation in the workplace and always listen to different ideas brought by each individual.

To reduce energy costs and achieve more efficient human-machine communication, we’ve been developing a brand new AIoT platform that allows our users to access their appliances anytime, anywhere. Our appliances embrace the internet and artificial intelligence to help everyone improve their living experience in a more energy-efficient way.

At Dreo, we are always in pursuit of something better. This is who we are. Forever committed to helping people enjoy home lives in a way that is more fun and more sustainable.

Be connected. Live smart. Enjoy life.