dreo tower fan

Air is nature’s stream for creativity.
An infinite breeze of innovation.

Inspired by Air

Everyone loves the feeling of a soft breeze of Air waving through their skin.

That put us thinking, how can we use Air Power to maximize comfort and serenity in Modern Homelife?

Upon this quest, we realized that a myriad of technologies and engineering solutions were waiting to be employed in improving home climate.

Air Power. Unleashed.

Dreo whole house tower fan is the maximum expression of Air Power & Contemporary Design in a Modern Homelife.

We decided to create one of the best whole house fan ranges that can expand the role of air power in modern home living. By improving the concepts of controlling air behaviour, such as the Coanda effect, particle filtration in the air and thermal convection, and combining them with modern technologies such as brushless motors, newer airflow systems and PTC plates, Dreo is committed to developing the most professional, energy efficient tower fans available.

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smart home appliances

We spent years in the making of our first generation of home climate solutions. Resulting in a collection of exquisitely crafted appliances with groundbreaking performance. Including the first Ultra-Quiet tower fans to operate below 25dB.

A New Homelife Experience

We created Dreo for those seeking the ultimate performance for real-world situations.

Every Dreo appliance is meant to give a natural, refreshing, and ultimately comfortable sense.

Making your home feel just like it should, an environment that inspires delightful experiences.